It’s Not MY Fault!

Arghh!!  I’m so angry I don’t know where to start.  And I got angry by sitting in front of my TV in my own home minding my own business.  Then the news came on and I started to get angrier and angrier.

I think my anger has been building slowly for some time.  Hasn’t yours?  I mean come on – nothing is our “own” fault anymore.  If I’m 24 years old and not yet as rich as the man I work for, that can’t possibly be my own fault . . . it must be his.  Or maybe a bank’s!  If I’m a drug addict that has taken so many stimulants that I can’t fall asleep and I insist on taking more and more drugs to fall asleep and then I die, I have no personal responsibility whatsoever . . . at least according to my sister.  (Click Here to see the video of Michael Jackson’s sister, Rebbie, defend him.)

Don’t get me wrong, I think Conrad Murray acted horrendously and should never practice medicine again.  EVER!  He turned his back on his oath to “do no harm” and allowed himself and his ethics to be controlled by fame and fortune.  But was it truly manslaughter?  Can you honestly say that if Conrad Murray had not secured and provided these drugs to Michael Jackson that Michael wouldn’t have found someone else who would?   Isn’t the bigger problem that Michael Jackson was, unfortunately, a drug addict that needed powerful medications for basic daily functions and was willing to pay or do anything to get them?  For those of you who are my age and older this probably sadly reminds you of Elvis.  Strange that both men who were considered Kings of Rock and Roll and connected by Lisa Marie Presley should die from the results of drugs.   Strange and terribly, terribly sad. 

And if I see any more coverage of this Occupy movement I’m going to lose my mind.   First, I must admit that I disagree with much of what they stand for but that’s beside the point.  The people I continually see interviewed on TV cannot be the spokespeople this movement selected.  After several large banks decided that it was in their own best interest to stop charging fees for what many customers consider to be services banks themselves had pushed customers to use more of, the Occupy Wallstreet movement claimed victory.  Really?  Because those banks did not stop charging the fees because people were holding picket signs, they stopped charging fees because thousands of customers found credit unions and other small banks to take on their business for fewer or no fees.  In other words, the big banks lost business so they changed their business plan to meet the demand.  That’s basic Economics 101 – Supply and Demand.  So not only are you protesting all day and all night about things you don’t even understand but now you take credit for things you didn’t even accomplish??

After this announcement they interviewed a young woman on television and she said, “If more businesses would listen to the consumers, maybe the economy would improve.”  Huh??  Don’t you understand that in the business world you vote with your money and if you refuse to give it to a business they will have no choice but to listen to you?  Businesses have no choice but to listen to the consumers. 

I think most people who are out protesting at these Occupy events are just angry in general.  I don’t think they have a clue what the Occupy Wallstreet movement is all about.  Hell, I don’t and I’ve been trying to figure it out.  But just because you are angry doesn’t mean that you can sleep in front of the statehouse, act like a lunatic and cause riots!  Trust me, you can shower, wear deodorant and even work 8+ hours a day and STILL be angry.  I do it everyday.