Take Your Husband to Work Day . . . Everyday

You may or may not know by now that I travel a lot with my job.  It gets pretty monotonous going back and forth to the same geographic locations and staying in the same hotels often enough that the Hotel Manager asks about Tink’s Algebra grade, but there is some comfort in that too.  One advantage of my job is that when I don’t travel, I work from home.

"Well frankly Alex she's grounded after the grade on that last test!" <image courtesy of ehow.com>

When I was 16 I contracted Mononucleosis and was placed on what they called “home-bound” for 6 weeks.  A teacher that wasn’t good enough for a real job with the County came to my house twice a week and ate cookies in the kitchen while I did my school work.  I was fascinated to discover that I could complete an entire week’s worth of classroom assignments and homework in about 5 hours a week.  When I asked the teacher about this phenomenon she gave me some non-committal response.  When I asked my Mom about it she said it was because I didn’t have to sit through all the extra stuff they did for the “slower” kids.  I’m not sure either answer was correct, but it did enlighten me to the fact that a LOT of time is wasted in schools . . . and offices!

Only the smart kids raise their hands <image via nctm.org>

So working from home actually allows me to get a lot more done than I would in a traditional office setting.  There’s no other co-workers to wander in and talk about last night’s game or someone to run into in the break room and chat about the latest episode of Biggest Loser and whether or not someone ought to shove Conda off a cliff during one of the challenges.  (And what the hell kind of name is Conda anyway?  I’d write a post about that but the Byronic Man already did here.  You should really check it out.)  I still have the phone and email as distractions, but I have control over who I speak with and when and the answering of said email.  Another plus is that what would be a coffee break turns into putting a load of laundry in the dryer or unloading the dishwasher.  I love working at home because it is so peaceful and quiet.  No TV, no radio, no distractions, just me and my work getting done ever so quickly so I can be not-working even sooner!

"No I totally agree that Bob is hotter than Dolvette!"

But lately, that’s not how it’s gone.  Because my husband is “in between jobs” right now.  (He’s in construction and you’ve seen the reports on the economy – it’s going to be a while)  So he’s at home all the time.  Just so you understand that’s like having “Take your husband to work day” every single day!  Think about it.  Would you want your spouse following you around at work all day?  Every day? 

I’m constantly amazed when I visit on-site locations and we close the door to have a meeting and another employee just walks in.  They don’t think the closed door applies to them.  Well guess what?  It can be just me and my husband at home, I close my office door to make some phone calls and in he walks.  There’s only the two of us there.  Who the hell does he think I’m closing the door to?? 

See the difference? One is Closed . . . One is Open! <image via clipartof.com>

Then Tink comes home from school and has a million and one urgent, crucial questions that can’t wait until I’m off the phone like “What’s for dinner?”  “I’m done with my homework can I text now?”  “I want a snack but do you think I should have an apple or a cupcake?”  Seriously???  You don’t care about my opinions or what I have to say at any other time of the day but right now you want me to pick your afternoon snack?  While I’m on the phone with my boss??  (ok – so I don’t exactly get to pick when I talk to my boss, but everyone else I do)

You might as well eat the cupcake and bring me the apple. You aren't going to eat it anyway. <image via earthreport.com>

So lately I have come to appreciate my travel just a little more.  Because when I get to the hotel and close the door, it locks behind me and no one can come ask me if they can have some of my super-secret, private stash of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans that a co-worker gave me for Christmas.  Or if they can have the last cupcake.  Or if they can borrow a paperclip.  It’s just peace and quiet!  Ahhh – it’s like having Mono all over again . . .

Ahhhhh . . .

28 thoughts on “Take Your Husband to Work Day . . . Everyday

  1. Excellent. Well written and held my attention to the end. I hope your job is one that involves writing. You’re good at it. HF

  2. katecrimmins says:

    Perhaps a lock on the door? It’s cheaper than a divorce!

  3. riatarded says:

    I think it takes longer in schools because everyone needs to be on the same page before you can move on. Plus the teacher only has so much time to check through everyone’s work.

    On the other hand, at home you get more done because you have the full attention of one person. I get that a lot from my students as well. They tell me I am better than their school teacher, which is very sweet but I don’t encourage them to think that way because kids develop favoritism too and once they dislike you, chances are that they won’t listen to you easily.

    I agree with your theory that time is better utilized when you work from home 🙂

  4. The other day I was leaving a message (my husband and I both work from home), my husband scribbles a note to me while I am leaving the message. I am NOT a multi-tasker – dumbest message I ever left.

    • I know exactly what you mean! If I am on the phone and my husband or daughter come into my office, I am suddenly speaking like a first grader. There is a reason I close the door when I am on the phone and it’s not that they can’t hear the conversation. It takes a lot of concentration for me to sound smart!

  5. Barb says:

    I write. so I light a candle when working and when family sees it burning they leave me alone. Bul…like a door…it wore off. Now, I have to have a little hissy, pointing to the candle, and then ignoring them. Good luck with the door thing.

    Yes. I made the homework discovery, too. I also found out I could work ahead and cover an entire semester in half the time. It allowed me to write, doodle and read in class. What an inefficient way we deliver knowledge.

    • I think this is one of the reasons there is such a big shift to home schooling. But I think lots of children miss out on so much when home schooled. I’ve tried throwing “hissy’s” too, but then Tink and Hubby just think I’m crazy. They really do not understand that this is my “office” despite the desk, calendar, phone, computer, etc in the room.

  6. yearstricken says:

    I think there’s something about working at home that makes it look like not-work, especially to your family. I don’t know of a solution other than to request more business trips. 🙂

  7. I confess, my sweetie works from home (not 100%) – I do not bother him with house/kid stuff, I’m sure I am most irritating “how’s it going? Need coffee? “

  8. littlesundog says:

    Sadly, I view interruptions from family or friends a disrespect of your time and your job. It’s similar to how often people these days tend to interrupt when one is in the middle of speaking. So much of life is about the attitude of “every man for himself”. When FD is working from home, I mind my own business and keep things quiet. It makes it a lot more enjoyable for us both.

    • Will you marry me? In my hubby’s defense he is used to working 10-12 hours a day at full speed the entire time. Interacting with me is his way of substituting that. It’s hard for him to realize that I can be that busy too while working inside our house. Tell your husband he should really appreciate his wonderful wife! 🙂

  9. Lori says:

    lol i love this Carrie! btw…i am quite protective of my jelly bellies as well!

  10. Astra says:

    Oh how I loved this post. I used to work from home and travel occasionally for my job; my husband is on the road all the time and works from home when not on the road. Though I now work in an office, I remember the days we both worked from home and I COULDN’T STAND IT! His loud sales voice, interruped my deep concentraion when I’m in the middle of crafting the best email ever! But now I know when he come homes, and says “I’ve been travelling! I need a break” … I just answer, “You just had your break!”…
    I hope he finds another role soon 🙂

  11. Please help me with the privacy issues; you talk about working from home and hubby being there all the time. My guy is talking retirement talk. Will I survive the endless interruptions? “Where do you keep the …?” “Where’s the…?” “What’s Joe’s wife’s name?”

    Sigh; I guess it’s good to be needed.


  12. GOF says:

    I absolutely understand where you are coming from. Mrs GOF and I both work from home doing the same thing….growing plants, but a long time ago we realised that it would be best for both of us if we did it separately. Hence we now have two shade houses separated by 100 metres. It works well. Each of us works in peace without interruption from the other.

  13. dailyrumblings says:

    I have perfected the art of the stare and point (out of my office). There are some great variations to this: stare, point and look away; stare…pause for dramatic effect, then point; stare and point multiple times while staring harder… I love working from home 🙂

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