Camel Feet Care and Concern

Finally, help for the Dromedary owner (image from National Geographic)

Do you remember my post from a week or so ago:  “A Camel, A Donkey and Golf Cart“?  It was about a local Christmas Parade and I mentioned a nativity scene in it.  Ok so the nativity scene was a little perilous for the plastic Baby Jesus but still there was a lot of info in that post.  A lot of stuff about convertibles, candy, cheerleaders and beauty queens, but for some reason a lot of people out in Google-opolous have been finding my blog due to their concern about the feet of camels.  Specifically the toes of said Dromedary’s feet.  (Dromedary = Arabian, single hump camel.  Heaven help me with the Google searches that will find this blog with “hump” and “camel” in it.)

Who knew that camel’s feet were such a concern?  I mean are there a lot of camels walking around with ingrown toenails or something?  Because a whole lot of people each day are searching about it.  I had no clue that so many people were in charge of the care of these animals.  I envision a group of men wrapped up in their white robes in the Arabian Desert searching the internet via their snazzy new tablet computer to try to find a remedy for their poor animal’s sore feet.  And instead they find my blog which was not helpful at all.  Just a story about a small town parade.  Imagine their disappointment!

Cover of January, 1915 National Geographic Mag...

Image via Wikipedia

So maybe all those people diligently searching about ailments that affect the feet of their pet camels will benefit instead from this post.  I didn’t find a lot of information specifically about the feet of camels; however, if you need some information about camels, go hereNational Geographic, where I found all this helpful information, is a resource for all things wild and woolly and sometimes creepy-crawly.  Isn’t it funny to think that when we were kids we looked through these same magazines in our elementary school libraries to see the naked savages?  Silly kids! 

I’m just happy I can be of help to all those camel owners.  Now their desperate searches will be rewarded and they can receive exactly the kind of response they deserve!  No need to thank me Camel Caretakers – you’re welcome!

15 thoughts on “Camel Feet Care and Concern

  1. RVingGirl says:

    That is so funny. I often wonder how people pick up on my blog too. So far it is nothing quite so unique!
    Great post.

  2. Lori says:

    Whew!! Thank you!! I was getting sooooo frustrated trying to figure out what I was going to do about my Camels, I was having such trouble finding the right info!!! tee hee hee
    Loved the post, you are so funny!

  3. GOF says:

    I had a similar experience when I wrote my usual sort of rubbish a couple of years ago about feral camels in the Australian outback.
    Google sent all sorts of unfortunate folk to my blog looking for serious information. Strangely I gained some twisted sense of satisfaction out of that. I subscribed to National Geographic for 30 years and always avoided looking at pictures of naked dusky wenches.
    Camels, yes. Wenches, no. That’s what being raised Methodist does to you.

    • Oh GOF, see I’m Baptist and we just “pretend” not to do a lot of things. I did find it incredibly funny that #1) these folks were Googling these this kind of stuff and #2) by doing so they found my blog. I’m pretty sure they are already confused individuals, but if not they really were after reading my posts.

  4. yearstricken says:

    Do you think it has anything to do with searches for camel toes?

  5. littlesundog says:

    I was thinking somewhere in your post there would be mention of camel toes! See what kind of reputation you have?? Ooh… or am I a little warped?

  6. Six months ago I posted a link in my sidebar to a site that explains how to grow a pineapple plant from a pineapple, but in spite of the fact that Google keeps sending the pineapple hunters to my site (I get as many as four a week.) no one has ever clicked on the link. Do pineapple hunters really want to know how to grow a pineapple plant, or do they just want the assurance that comes from knowing that someone out there can do it?
    It will be interesting to see how many of these camel owners actually click on the link you gave them.

    • I find it very humorous to read all the things that lead people to my blog. I’m sure so very many of them are very disappointed. From your description I have a picture of someone dressed from head to toe in camouflage tiptoeing through a jungle whispering “Shhhh! Be very, very quiet! I’m hunting pineapples!”

  7. OneGirlRiot says:

    this is freaking hilarious. I have a post about Liquid Virgin drops that gets tons of hits from those wanting to regain their virginity, and yes, they do click through to the product. :/

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