So Much For Banker’s Hours

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So it’s 8:30 pm and I’m just sitting in front of the TV watching Pawn Stars and I hear a faint ringing.  [Hey – Pawn Stars is on the History channel so don’t judge me!]  I turned my cell phone down during our meeting at the bank earlier in the day and I almost didn’t hear it.  I see it’s a local exchange but not a number I have saved in my phone and therefore must be a wrong number so I didn’t answer.  Besides, they are trying to figure out how much an Olympic Torch from the 1984 Olympics should cost – this is riveting stuff!

Pawn Stars

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As my phone rings for a second time I reluctantly answer it.  I suppose it could be an emergency but most likely a wrong number.  I flash back to a time when cell phones were not as common as they are now and occasionally I would answer a late night call and hear something like “Hey baby, watch you doin’?”  Now those were WRONG numbers!

Anyway, I answer and the nice professional lady says, “Angry?”  Wow – what do you know, this call is for me!  “Hi, this is Lisa from the bank.  Do you have a moment to chat?”  Oh holy crap!  What could have gone so terribly wrong with our account that they are calling us at 8:32 pm??  “Um . . .” I stuttered, “Sure?”  I mean what the heck do you tell the BANK when they call you at NIGHT?  “No, I’m waiting to see how much this idiot gets for his Olympic Torch so he can go buy surf boards”?  (I just thought that line I didn’t say it to Lisa – she might judge me)  Lisa goes on to say that she’s ‘just working night and day lately’.  She’s calling me at 8:32 pm so evidently she really is.  Nothing was wrong, she just had a few questions so she could get our refinance paperwork started.  I guess when interest rates drop to 3.25%, Refinance Specialists don’t get to work banker’s hours.

Interestingly enough when we were AT the bank earlier in the day, discussing a 10 year loan and what our plans were for paying for our daughter’s college education I said to my husband, “Do you realize that in 10 years when we pay off the house, Tink will have graduated from college?”  We just sat there staring at each other.  That was a very sobering thought.  Neither of us could bring ourselves to imagine a world in which Tink was not living in our home with us.  It was a few hours later before it dawned on me that we could only HOPE that in 10 years the house is paid off , Tink has a 4-year degree in something other than Parks, Recreation and Tourism, a good paying job and her own place to live.  Equally as horrifying is if in 10, 15 or 20 years Tink, her husband Bubba and 4 children ARE living with us.

Anyway, bankers hours now last until at least 8:41 pm (when our conversation ended) and I’ve got to be prepared to write checks for college tuition in about 4.5 years.  I suppose I should tell Tink that if she’s looking for a 9 to 5 job when she grows up she should probably go ahead and scratch Banker off her list.

PS – It turns out there were quite a few 1984 Olympic Torches and it was only worth about $1200.  You know you were wondering how that turned out.

Sarajevo 1984 olympic torch, Olympic museum La...

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10 thoughts on “So Much For Banker’s Hours

  1. littlesundog says:

    I was in the banking industry for more than 15 years when I was a young and energetic. Back then they sent lady tellers out to repo cars after work! Yes, one particular incident, the dude whose car we were repo-ing threw his keys into a thicket and then said he was going in for his gun. We took off, deciding it wasn’t in our best interest to stay. We called the home office in Oklahoma City and they were upset that we didn’t get the car! The home office asked us the next day to see if we couldn’t “talk” to the dude. I think the banker’s hours term came from the late 1800’s when they opened at 10:00 and closed at 3:00. Banker’s are poorly paid unless you’re at the top, You have a load of responsibility and… you have to wear nice dress clothes. Every time I go to a bank I look at the workers and think, “Why on earth do you work here?”

    • My Mom was a bookkeeper in the “basement” of our hometown bank for years and then she was promoted to a Teller. Hearing her stories every day convinced me I wanted nothing to do with the banking industry. And they didn’t work “banker’s hours” either! I don’t think she ever had to repossess a car though. That’s some scary stuff!

  2. katecrimmins says:

    Very sobering post (kids moving home). I only have stepchildren, all in their 30s and on their own. Oh yes, and in another state! Fortunately for us, kids don’t want to live in Pennsylvania any more.

    Our local banks here are open from 9 to 6 with some evening hours and Saturdays. I think bankers’ hours only relates to the male folks at the tippy top of the chain.

  3. We are on our third college tuition . . . We had money for college saved up, but we were not prepared for three rents, our mortgage, food, insurance, transportation . . . basically four seperate adult households with adult expenses (it is mind boggling). I wanted to put notes in their Christmas stockings enumerating their college living expenses followed by Love, Santa (Tony nixed that idea – lucky kids).

    • My husband’s parents did that one year to him, his brother and sister. Everyone had needed a “loan” during the year for some unexpected expense so their Christmas gift was not having to pay those “loans” back. That was a long, long time ago. I don’t think any of them ever needed a “loan” again.

  4. Lori says:

    and YES, i was wondering!! LOL
    You have such a gift at storytelling! I enjoy your blogs, they are such a fun read 😀

  5. yearstricken says:

    I was hoping you would get back to the torch. $1200 doesn’t seem too shabby to me, but I haven’t priced Olympic torches lately.

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