Just How Comfortable Do We Need to Be?

I like to be comfortable.  Sometimes I’m convinced this is a part of Middle Age, but when I think back, I’ve always wanted to be comfortable.  My biggest complaint about going to church on Sunday mornings was having to get dressed up in itchy, scratchy dresses and tights and shoes that pinched my feet.  I still have an extreme aversion to wearing itchy, scratchy clothes, panty-hose and shoes that pinch my feet.

See? She looks like her shoes hurt!

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home when I’m not traveling.  So most Mondays and most Fridays I am working from my home office and the dress code is always casual in my office.  We haven’t reached the age of video phones in my work world yet so no one knows whether I’m wearing my power suit or gym clothes and the gym clothes are far more comfortable.  My co-workers and I are really glad there is no video conferencing yet.  I’ve attended conference calls with wet hair, half dressed, the make-up of one eye complete but not the other, you get the picture.  By the way, there is nothing more disturbing than having one eye made up and not the other.  What if I forget and actually go somewhere like that or even just answer the door?  Can you imagine the UPS man’s horror? 

"Um, your eyes . . . . they . . . here's your package ma'am."

One of my co-workers, Rita, who also works from home, commented to me a few months ago (via a non-video phone of course) that it was nearly noon and she was still in her work out clothes.  Rita then said, “Just to be clear, I don’t actually ‘work out’ in my work out clothes, they’re just what I wear to run my kids to daycare and any errands before I get my shower and get ready.”  Rita thought that she was the only person who did this and was quite shocked when I told her I do the same thing.  Not only that, but go to the grocery store any weekday morning and take a look around.  Every woman (and man for that matter) there is wearing exercise apparel.  I get up every day and put on my work out gear.  Several days a week I actually DO jog a few miles on the treadmill, climb half a mountain on the stair-stepper and lift some light hand weights, but lately I haven’t been doing so well with that.  My work out clothes just seem to mock me from the hamper as I do laundry.  I imagine them saying “We’re not even dirty, there’s no sweat on us why the hell are we in the dirty clothes pile?”  (I haven’t mention to other people that I imagine my clothes talking to me.  I think that’s one of the things the meds are supposed to be for.)

Really?? I mean really??

Anyway, sometimes I think I’m just a step or two away from being one of those people who never wear real clothes but just stay in my stretchy yoga / running capris and loose, comfy t-shirts or warm-up suits.  But there’s one thing I promise to myself, and to you, that I will never do.  I will never don Pajama Jeans!  Have you seen those commercials?  Just how lazy do you have to be to wear jeans that feel like pajamas?  Are these people blind because these things do NOT look like real jeans.  Real jeans are . . . well . . .  jeans!  They are made out of denim.  That’s what makes them jeans!  Besides, I saw Pajama Jeans on sale at CVS this weekend and they are $39.99!  For $39.99 you can get a very comfy work out suit with a jacket at Old Navy.  Of course when you start talking about work out gear at Old Navy it gets that commercial ringing through my head, “Don’t jiggle it, when you wiggle it!”  Have you seen that commercial?

Sorry, I get distracted easily.  That’s probably my next post.  Anyway, I will continue to be comfortable, often dressing in my sweats or work out gear and yoga pants, but I promise that the day I seriously consider Pajama Jeans, I will seek immediate medical attention.  Now I suppose I should go get on that treadmill since I’ve got my work out clothes on . . .

20 thoughts on “Just How Comfortable Do We Need to Be?

  1. littlesundog says:

    I completely relate to you! For years, in various office jobs, I dressed up and hated it. I wore those incredibly SEXY heels for years and now have numbness in both feet. I’m luckier than some who acquired hammer toes and bunions. Panty hose? I’d like to strangle the man who came up with that idea. It’s still required for many women in the office. I once had a coworker who was allergic to makeup, so she wore none. She was constantly written up for a “slouchy appearance” by the male boss. The boss who should have been made to wear a girdle to yank in that gross pot-belly he had! And HIS dress pants were a crime… gonads tightly bound up by the pants crotch that the belt cinched around the pot belly created. Society is completely screwed up about dress code and appearance. I don’t care if my banker is wearing a suit or jeans. I just want to be treated nicely and with respect. Look around people… most of the sharks in the world dress to impress.

    • It sounds like you could tell us a LOT of funny stories from your previous employer! Maybe that former boss of yours needed those Spanx for men. When my husband and I were at the bank the other day the manager greeted us and then said, “Don’t you both look comfortable today!” My husband and I looked at each other and then at her. We were in jeans and nice shirts (not fitness clothes!). I wasn’t putting on dress clothes just to sign a piece of paper for my husband’s 401K! I don’t think she meant it as an ugly remark, I think she was jealous. Either way – we WERE comfortable!

  2. Lori says:

    Loved it!! Still laughing!!

    ‘wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle’!!

  3. RVingGirl says:

    Fabulous post. You go girl! I hate being bound up and scrunched into clothes. And my feet just gotta be able to breathe a little. No crunched toes and def NO heels!

  4. You have just inspired me to go take a shower and get dressed – I’m beyond pajama jeans – I’m worried I’m going to forget to put my bra on when I go out.

    You are the best at picking out commercials – I loved “It don’t move.”

    • Well if you do forget any crucial undergarments you will just blend in with most of the crowd. I’m glad I provided the inspiration to shower. Now that I’ve done my good deed of the day I can have a piece of chocolate (or 2 or 3) . . . good thing I’m wearing yoga pants!

  5. What I need to know is, is it too late to order those Pajama Jeans for my wife for Christmas? My wife works our of the house and if I come home during the day for some reason, she is always just a few minutes away from getting dressed. At least that’s what she tells me.

    • I am always just a few minutes from getting dressed when someone knocks on my door too. That’s code for “We did not expect you for another couple of hours or so.” You could probably still get these jeans in time for Christmas. Just follow the crowd in CVS to the “As seen on TV” aisle. The Pajama Jeans are right between the Ove Glove and the Chia Pets. You might want to invest in a helmet too if you are going to get those for your wife though.

  6. I still hold out that airplanes are not places for pajamas and stained sweatshirts. I don’t show up in a fedora and skinny tie or anything, but seriously… We’re going to be spending some time together in very close quarters.

    • I am with you on this. I do not want to have to try to guess what caused those stains and did you sleep in those pajamas last night or are you already dressed for bed on the noon flight? It’s especially attractive when they also have bed-head.

  7. GOF says:

    I have forgotten how to dress in anything apart from “country casual”. Last time I wore a suit was to my Mum’s funeral 20 years ago. (she would have appreciated my sacrifice and effort).

    Oh, and I share your aversion to pantyhose. I know you will understand.

  8. Barb says:

    I also saw this ad earlier and looked at it squint-eyed. Then I looked around the store (not a Wal-Mart) and discovered lots of people were there in fuzzy pj bottoms. Some were even slopping around in sheepskin slippers. I love this fashion because compared to them, I look like a diva. I appreciate the bar being set so low I can easily trip over it.

    • That’s the spirit Barb! And at least those people in pajama bottoms and slippers are admitting that they do not want to get dressed. Wearing pajama jeans just seems a little hypocritical to me. Now I have to go put real clothes and shoes on because I have to leave the house today.

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